Friday, 5 October 2012

Cartoon Drawings Cavalcade, or Cartoon Comics Gallore, or Funny Pictures of funny stuff or whatever...!

Hello there! I haven't uploaded anything of importance this week. My pokémon comic is getting inked as we speak (read? whatever!) so in the meantime I just decided to upload... a random amount of drawings I've had laying around.

These are made in different styles and techniques, so I think it's a good overview of the things I can do. Not al of them are completely finished but I hope you sort of get the idea behind most of the pieces (read: I hope you can forgive the lack of context and my site sucking up your bandwidth!)

SO BIG QUESTION: Is there ANYTHING in here that you think could be interesting to develop? Like a certain drawing that caught your attention, or did you like the comic at the bottom or anything? Tell me in the comments!

Enjoy! Hopefully!

Also, hello there, reddit! Thanks for the constant influx of visitors!

And hello there, tumblr! Thanks for showing up from time to time as well!

A request for an Adventure Time/Piny & the Brain drawing.

Classy self portrait!

A Cartoonier self portrait

A cartoony portrait of my girlfriend

A request of "Super Sonic vs Flash"

Panel from an unfinished comic

A drawing of a local politician.

A request someone had to draw their own superhero character, a girl made of crystal.


A doodled page of a comic I never quite got around to finish (do you see the pattern? :O)