Want a drawing?

Cool! So you want a drawing!
That makes me feel honored. Thank you!

At the time, I only do commissions. That means drawings you paid for.

Sometimes I do requests, if it's interesting. Don't hesitate to comment and give me suggestions! But if you want to see your drawing pop up as soon as possible (and take credit for it), you should commision me.

How do commisions work?

I basically follow 3 stages:

1) We talk through email. What exactly do you want? We decide and I'm free to start.

2) I send you a small sketch, showing you what I've got in mind. Feel free to say if that's what you wanted or not--you're paying for it!

3) I email you the finished artwork, as a 300 dpi .tiff or .jpg, and a small resolution copy as well (for web display). It will be a pretty big file, but you can send it to a printer and it will work without problem.

The only think I ask is for your permission to use the piece as a portfolio picture, uploading it to my blog (in low resolution, of course). But if you don't want to, I won't post it anywhere else.

Rates (In US Dollars)

(Note!: I draw in many styles and with different levels of detail depending on the project. If I think that yours is more time consuming, I'll charge you a bit more, but let you know beforehand)

- A simple black and white sketch: $5

- A black and white gray-toned drawing: $8

- A flat colored drawing: $12

- A painterly-colored drawing, textures and all: $18


Paypal Only at the minute.

How do we get in touch?

Drop me an email! It's easier than commenting on my blog. That way we can discuss at length the kind of piece you have in mind.
You can find my email on my blogger profile. Write "commission" or something related as the subject. And hey, you can also use my contact form! It's on the right column, just drop me a few lines.