Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Remus Lupin

Haha! Yes, another Harry Potter fanart. This time is Lupin, that teacher from the 3rd book/film that was a werewolf*.
It's more like I pictured the character from the novels. I think the actor did a great job, and he looked the part, but this is the version that I sort-of saw in my head while reading.

A very good thing that came out of this blog, and the challenge of a daily update, is that now I have an excuse to try new things on my drawings. This is basically just a sketch that I tried to paint a little better, but still failed miserably since I'm terrible at picking colors. Oh well. I still have a lot of blog entries to become better at this! Also, I used a parchment texture. I think it looks nice.

Thanks for all the visits! If you have suggestions about what you would like to see me draw, feel free to tell me on the comments.

*spoiler alert! Then again, spoilers from an almost ten year old movie/book, if you didn't know already you probably just don't care anyway.