Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hey, look! It's Manchester United's superstar striker, Wayne Rooney!

I like watching Premier League football. I feel a little bit weird rooting for United, since they're obviously the best team at the minute and I don't want to come across as a gloryhunter, but in my defense I've been a fan ever since that Champions League final back in '99 (First CL final I ever saw in my life, they blew my mind). And Rooney always goes beast mode when I'm using him on PES 2011.

I also like adding textures to drawings! It would look a lot more like an old comic if I had added those little dots to the image, but I couldn't because the filter wasn't working for this drawing. Oh well.

Also, I've noticed most of my visitors come from the US at the minute, so I'm sorry for the offensive use of "football" when I'm talking about a sport that YOU PLAY WITH YOUR FOOT DAMNIT.