Sunday, 16 October 2011

Adam Strange, Hero of Rann

Adam Strange is a comic book superhero, and one of the best concepts for a hero ever. Sadly, he's not very well known.

Seriously, who's this guy?

He's basically an archeologist that gets sucked into a teleporting beam to a far away planet (Rann) and helps the locals fight alien invasions and other dangers dressing up in a cool space suit and going in adventures.

So basically Indiana Jones + Flash Gordon.

It's pretty cool because, for instance, Superman is an alien protecting our planet; Adam Strange is an earthling protecting an alien planet. With the power of space rockets!

(Also---here's the pencil sketch. I usually work like this, sketch shapes in blue, trace with regular lead, and then remove the blue in the computer! Thought it would be interesting to show)

Yes, I ran out of space for the legs, sue me!