Sunday, 2 October 2011

Buffy comic at least!

Just one of them

It's not even that funny, why did it took so long?

I did this traditionally, as in, ink and pen.
The problem is that I used only a dip pen, and I didn't have any markers or anything. So it took me close to an hour... only in the panel borders. I had to do all the horizontal lines I could, wait till they dried really well, turn the paper around, do as much vertical as I could, wait till it dried really well, finish the parts I missed, wait again... It was torture! I usually do the borders with a marker, but like I said, I didn't have any.

Then I inked the baloons, freehand (you can tell, they're kinda wonky). And only then, the characters!

Again, this has to be done in order, you go from top left to bottom in every panel, otherwise your hand can go over a fresh line and mess up everything (well, top right to bottom if you're a lefty). This page is cartoony simplistic art, and it took me like an hour to finish, as well! I was being veeeery careful. Thick, dry-fast ink clogs my pen nib so I had to use regular black "oh, I won't dry in a million years" ink.

Then I painted on photoshop. I wanted to do a lot more cool effects and background colors but I got bored and frustrated because I was supposed to upload this YESTERDAY. So there.

At least I can go back to regular schedule, I guess...

(I need new pen nibs!)