Friday, 14 October 2011

Fernando Torres? More like, Fernandon't Scorres!

I like footbal, wich comes as no surprise to anyone who follows my blog. It's one of my few "normal" interests, as I doubt most males of my age are interested in french comic books from the 80's or documentaries (their loss!)

Like most people interested in football, I catch the Premier League from time to time. It's the league of England, the one with Manchester United, Arsenal, Birmingham (well, not anymore, but I'm confident they'll return) and of course, Chelsea.

Chelsea bought Fernando Torres, Spanish striker, for £50 million. He's literally the fourth most expensive football player ever.

That happenend in January. So far he's only scored, what, 3 goals?

Look at Villas Boas, so happy!

I think he's a pretty good player, just going through a bad spell. But I had a little fun with him on this comic-- sorry, Chelsea fans! The idea came to me when I played as Chelsea on PES and scored a hattrick with him.
(Scanned pencil + greys on photoshop)