Friday, 7 October 2011

Chile vs Argentina 2011

Hey, remember the last time Chile faced Argentina? When we had a world class manager, and a great colective football style, and everything?

Well, disregard that, because today we sucked hard.

I just... needed to vent for a while. Damn. We used to be a good team, we beat Uruguay right after they won 4th place in the World Cup, for crying out loud. Why Borghi? Why couldn't we get a World Class manager?

Sorry for the rant, specially if you're from the US* and don't care about football.

Also, today's drawing is a feeble attempt at trying to emulate Johnny Wander, one of my favourite webcomics. Check 'em out!


Spanish version for those who speak the most wonderful language in the universe. En unos años más los gringos van a terminar hablando español de todos modos, ja.

*You probably are, if I am to believe my blog statistics