Monday, 3 October 2011

TF2 Spy/Engineer fanart

Today's entry suggested by Dwei! Dwei is a great guy, he constantly writes about his life and his toughts. And as a university student with poor health, I can relate to a lot of his posts. His lungs are giving him trouble lately, hope that he gets better! Go to his blog and give him a virtual pat on the back.

"You taking suggestions for other video game characters? I request something from TF2 or Metroid"

Well, Crysalis already did something Metroid related, so I pictured I would tackle TF2.
This is my first time drawing these characters... I haven't actually played the game! I'm the world biggest hypocrite.

Imperfect border transparency! You can't see it unless you squint! I guess it fits well with the Spy theme?

When it's the first time I'm drawing something, I usually practice on regular paper. This time I sort of liked this drawing, and was kinda lazy about inking it and coloring it on the computer.
So instead, I scanned the pencil art and painted directly! It was kinda weird. I still prefer to outline my stuff before I paint it, but it was a nice change of pace.

This isn't gonna end well, Engineer!