Friday, 16 September 2011

BALD! -- a rejected proposal

Well, here's something a little bit different.

A few posts ago I mentioned I was working on a comic book proposal. It was for an international manga contest... the early results came in today, and I didn't make it to the finals. Oh well! Next time, I guess. I'm improving a lot and I can pinpoint a lot of glaring faults on these 8 pages, so I'm confident in my future, haha.

Tell me what you think! This manga is called BALD! and it's read from left to right. Like a regular comic book. Can't figure out how some occidental artist actually manage to draw pages from right to left, that's insane. Here's the original spanish version for those who speak this superior master language.

Open publication - Free publishing - More bald

I tried scribd but for some reason it came out looking funky. Issu is a lot more stable--maybe it has something to do with image compression?