Friday, 23 September 2011

Ref, you're such a jerk

Ah, the football ref! Always there, ready to make the match incredibly frustrating.

FIFA doesn't allow video replay, so the job of the ref is becoming increasingly more difficult, what with all the acting and the pace of the modern game. This is a tribute to these poor, unfortunate souls, that have to withstand verbal abuse from hordes of angry fans every game.

But yeah, sometimes they're just jerks! It's been over a year from the World Cup and I'm still pissed off. The chilean player (in the red shirt) was send off. What the hell? Did the spaniard trip on an ant or something? Stupid ref!


Also!! A CONTEST!! I once said I would do one if I got over 70 followers--now is the time!

In your comments, tell me what you would like to see me draw. Every day for a week I'll pick one suggestion and I'll do it! I'll also link to your blog. Everybody wins!