Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chile's national team kit evolution

No one asked me for a specific drawing last entry, so I'll post whatever I want, haha.

Did you know that my national team is over a hundred years old, and that we've never won an important international championship? That's true! We have reached finals in Copa América, and a lot of third places in other tournaments, but no actual victories (except in 2009's Toulon U-20 competition). Argentinians seem happy to remind us about this a lot, showoffs.

The thing is, we've always had a few good players, but in this current generation of footballers we actually have enough of those to make a good, balanced team. Let's hope for the best, Brazil 2014 is around the corner!

My favourite kit is the classic one from 1962... I would love to get a modern spin on that, sort of like France's current jersey. But our current kit is pretty cool as well.

Special thanks to Juan Pablo Villablanca and his blog Chilekits for the excellent reference material! Check him out!

Suggest me something to draw next time! I'll link to your blog as well!