Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Yet another not so good post

My wacom tablet started to act strange, for some reason. It no longer works for drawing, it doesn't detect the pressure. It's kinda hard to explain if you haven't used one to draw in the computer... but basically, I went into some help forums and it seems that I have to download the latest drives, reset, etc. The usual not-working-hardware stuff. Still, I'm a little scared-- what if it's actually broken? It's been with me for over four years, and it has helped me countless times. Isn't there some sort of insurance for wacom tablets? You see insurance for everything these days, car insurance, houses, hell, even pets! But no wacom tablet insurance? Any digital artist would pay millions for that!

Well, there's warranty and tech support. That works too.

Anyway! Here's the preliminar sketch of a page for a comic that I was thinking I could pitch to a local newspaper. It's called Lautaro Jones and Pedro Peligro ("Lautaro Jones and... Daniel Danger, I guess? Peligro means Danger in english, and I just wanted an alliterative name there-- Lautaro is a typical indigenous name in my country).

So, Lautaro is a reporter and Pedro is his trusted photographer sidekick. Together they report on everything, from car crashes to giant robot attacks. They work on... whatever newspaper agrees to buy this crap, I guess ("Your favourite newspaper", ha!). And they go on fun adventures and whatnot!

Yeah, since Spirou and Tintin are very famous and they're both reporters, I thought that doing something in that vein, but with cartoonier art and more fantastical twists could be interesting.

What do you think?