Saturday, 24 September 2011

Racoon vs Snapping Turtle

So the winner for this entry is none other than Hasidic Plumber!

Raccoons vs Snapping Turtles. It's a death match. It could be american gladiators style or ancient death match style. It's all or nothing, the losing race, gets extinct.

Check out the Plumber's blog! He's a solid humor writer, that likes to comment on strange news from all over the world. If you haven't checked his blog already, get to work on that!

(I almost did Fernando Torres and the Whale-with-a-Human-Face, but this time the concept was just so delicious)

Now, I wanted to upload this as soon as I finished but I couldn't export the image at a low resolution while mantaining the little dot patterns (halftone). It came out a little weird, so I just decided to go with a greyscale drawing... here's my best attempt at exporting halftones for web, in case you're wondering.

I just don't understand why there are little squares in the grey-- it was supposed to just be little dots! But still, that's sort of how I wanted it to look. Stupid Manga Studio exporting options... not even Photoshop could help me this time-- Adobe, you'll be hearing from me!


In your comments, tell me what you would like to see me draw. Every day for a week I'll pick one suggestion and I'll do it! I'll also link to your blog. Everybody wins!