Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Spirou, adventurer extraordinaire

Well, if you didn't knew who Tintin was (in the last entry) I highly doubt you'll even have a clue about this guy! You may have watched the cartoon as a kid, perhaps...?

Basically, this guy is a reporter for a magazine, and he and his pal go in adventures around the globe. Yes, just like Tintin! French comic artists seem to love themselves some adventurer reporters.

EDIT: Yes, he's wearing a bellhop uniform. On his first adventures, he worked in a hotel, and even after he stopped working there it remained as his "classic" uniform. Like Donald Duck, that guy wears a sailor's outfit all the time and no one bats an eye!

I like the comicbook a lot! I haven't seen it in english, though... only in spanish and french. But here's a few translated pages, hopefully you can understand why I like it! The art and the writing are really funny and the characters seem to leap out of the page!

When I ink on the computer, my lines tend to come very even. That kinda diminishes all attempts at "movement and liveness" in drawings like these... perhaps I should just go back to traditional art for a few days.