Thursday, 10 November 2011

Alexis Sánchez cartoon

If you have both an interest in south american football and an internet connection (and judging by my blog's statistics, you're likely to have both), You probably found out already about 5 players from the chilean national team that showed up drunk to the training center and were layed off from the games against Uruguay and Paraguay.
This made me really sad, and worried as well. Beausejour is a beast, Vidal is a world-class midfielder, Valdivia is arguably one of the greatest natural talents of south america--and now they're off. They can't play and they risk a 50 match suspension! Crazy stuff. They were asking for it, and the worst part is that it's the football fans that lose on the whole.
So in protest against this situation (and due to my internet working whenever it feels like) here's a small cartoon about one of the most well-know chilean players currently in europe: Alexis Sánchez.

I feel really happy about him. He went through poverty and a harsh life, but thanks to his dedication, hard work and love for his family he managed to leave all that behind and reach Barcelona, the current best team in the world.
Yesterday night, instead of showing up late and drunk to the team's headquarters, Alexis showed up two hours early. That's the mark of a true professional and a great footballer. He'll do great things in Europe, and hopefully he can help us a lot against Uruguay!

Sorry for the rant and the quick drawing--tomorrow, a comic, at last! Pinky swear.