Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pokemon- Page 12


I'm really sorry for the lack of updates yesterday! My internet went down... I feel terrible about it. Taking requests as a form of showing my regret!

Ahem, here's page 12 of the yet unnamed Missingno. saga! In which we introduce both a new character, the current situation, and an artstyle.

From the beggining, this comic was meant to prove myself that I could draw faster if I did it the traditional way, pen on paper. It wasn't easy, and in the end I decided to try doing it straight in the computer this time around. It doesn't "look" as neatly as I would want, though... perhaps I should draw traditionally and ink digitally? That seems the way to go, and I'll try it next time.
But this time around it wasn't that important to keep a consistant style, since it's just two simple panels. Hum...

Also, I wanted to do a comic about today's Chile-Uruguay match, but my keyboard is still soaked with tears. Sorry!