Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Final Fantasy IV drawing

My internet is still flickering and it's kinda annoying. Each time I open a new tab or click on a link I have to cross my fingers to get it to open... most of the time it doesn't, and I've got to F5 a few times before the page shows up. Which is incredibly annoying, and sometimes it flat out doesn't work. So I've also neglected my twitter and tumblr and deviantart and... you get the idea.
Now, without a constant influx of internet, I remembered that I used to play games on the computer. Crazy, I know! I did a quick search on my CDs and usb drives, and found a bunch of old Super Nintendo roms. One of them caught my eye.
Now all you young whippersnappers have your fancy Final Fantasy XVIIII for the X-Playstation 64 or whatever, but back then, the first one I played, and so far the only one I've completed with no guides whatsoever but with a lot of quicksaving was this baby: Final Fantasy IV (also known as "II" in America and Europe).

Long story short, your best friend (Kain, the guy in green armor) likes your girlfriend a lot but doesn't act on it because he's kinda shy and a true bro. He tries to kill you later in the game but he's brainwashed so it doesn't count!

Sorry for the bad drawing, kinda tried to do something a bit more "freely" than the usual way I work but the result came all funky...

(Also congrats to England for beating Spain! We've been avenged!)