Friday, 18 November 2011


SANYO is a Japanese electronics brand. My girlfriend had to do a presentation about it for her marketing class. She asked me for help, since she needed some sort of TV ad mock-up.

Ta-da! This is why I didn't upload anything yesterday--this thing took forever!
It has 4 seconds of pure hand drawn animation, wich in this case meant roughly 97 drawings. Simple as they are, 97 drawings is a pain to do. I respect animators so much after this... and thankfully I know how to work in Flash, if I hadn't it would have taken so much longer!

To any animators that stumble in this post by mistake chance, is there any particular software you reccomend? I should start working on drawing basics first... I also have no idea how to keep lines even when tracing my drawings from frame to frame. They go all jiggly, like in Home Movies, so I went along with it this time, but there has to be another way, right?

What do you think? The cheesy phrase and the dreadful audio are ours, the rest is copyright of SANYO electronics.