Saturday, 5 November 2011

Real madrid doodles

An intermission from my comic series!

I really like Real Madrid. In terms of individual talent, they're probably the best football club in the world. Barcelona shines when it comes to teamwork, though... anyway, when both teams clash it's always memorable! Chilean striker Iván Zamorano scored 4 goals against Barca in a single game in the early nineties, what a legend!

Now, a really good thing about football is that 90% of the players are just plain fun to draw. That includes managers and refs too! Besides most of these guys are really lean and athletic, ideal for anatomy drawing practice. In this case, I made a few doodles---I decided to save them all in just one big picture. I drew Özil bigger than anyone else because his VERY EYES PIERCE INTO YOUR SOUL so I thought it made a strong artistic statement...
Would you like me to draw other sport/teams? Say so on the comments!