Monday, 7 November 2011

My favourite players

Sports related rant ahead! You have been warned!

I like sports. I'm not very good at any of them, sadly (passable at football, at best!) but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them! I love watching sportsmen giving their best, no matter the discipline.
Here are two of my favourite players from two sports: Football and Basketball. From football we have Andrés Iniesta, a midfielder playing for the very well known Barcelona, and from basketball we have LeBron James, perhaps the best active player in the NBA (still has lots to do to be compared to MJ, but hey, the guy's trying).

Iniesta is really quiet, humble, and plays beautiful football: always effective, he keeps the ball flowing around, assisting his companions as needed and scoring critical goals. If it weren't for Xavi, I would say that he's the best midfielder in the world with no doubt (although I have a soft spot for Riquelme, Lampard and Jorge Valdivia--well, you can't really have one favourite, right?)

LeBron is kind of a jerk. But he's entertaining and extremely talented. He's guaranteed to put up a great show, and it's something I appreciate. He left his old team, and I can't truly blame him (millionare key transfers are really common in other sports) but I have to agree on the fact that he should have been a lot more nice about it!

Thanks for all the visits and comments! Tomorrow: Pokécomics!