Thursday, 3 November 2011

I finished Zelda

Not an actual Zelda comic, of course not. Neither a regular videogame.

I just finished the FIRST Zelda, for NES. It was very good, and sometimes really hard. I got lost a lot, and how on earth were we supposed to know exactly where to use Candles to burn down specific bushes! That was he only way to find a dungeon.

Crazy or not, it was a brilliant game, so it warrants a mini tribute!

I can't draw octorocks (a type of zelda enemies). Picture those are octorocks. And that Link can talk. Huh.

I'm currently replaying A Link to the past! Another insanely fun game to play. I wish, again, that I had more hands to draw more comics.

See ya tomorrow for more Pokémon comics!