Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Link's Awakening Ending comic

I lent my tablet to my girlfriend today, so I can't finish today's comic in a realistic timeframe. I'm so sorry! I'll ask her for permission to post some of her drawings later so you can see how she paints.

I could have uploaded the sketches and preliminar inks but hey, I think that at this point it's more important to pay attention to quality over quantity... besides, we're getting closer to the fun parts!

But hey, here is some art I've done in the past! In this case, a comic about Link's Awakening, a Zelda title for Gameboy. And yes, this is actually the ending of the game.


You know, I used to be very active at Deviantart. It's a fun community, and I still post there, but blogging feels so much more... free, or something. I don't know how to explain it, but it just feels nice, much more personal and welcoming.

Also some of my old art was horrible. This took me 55 minutes, for crying out loud!

I also want to do a small Zelda comic after I'm done with the Pokemon saga. But first, some football comics... Argh, wish I had more hands!